• The Comsat Angels

    The Comsat Angels were a marvellous post-punk outfit from Sheffield who were both immensely talented and criminally under-rated, perhaps more so than their contemporaries the Chameleons. The Comsats started off life as Radio Earth in the late 70’s. The line-up has remained consistent throughout the group’s career with Stephen Fellows on vocals, Kevin Bacon on

  • Dead or Alive

    Dead or Alive … A Great Band? Dead Or Alive were formed in Liverpool by frontman Pete Burns (vocals) and his band Mitch (guitar), Sue James (bass), Marty Healy (keyboards) and Joe Musker (drums). Their first creative move was to issue the single ‘I’m Falling’ which was produced by fellow Liverpudlian and eventual Lightning Seeds

  • Cocteau Twins

    Another band not quite as well known as Aztec Camera, are the Cocteau Twins. The Cocteau Twins are a gothic/dreampop three piece from the darkest recesses of Scotland. Grangemouth, near Falkirk to be precise. Formed by schoolfriends Robin Guthrie and Will Heggie in 1981, they later recruited vocalist Elizabeth Fraser who they found warbling at

  • Aztec Camera

    There are many famous 80’s music bands, but we review some of the lesser well known or maybe ones that you have forgotten about, but whose music was still inspiring Aztec Camera Aztec Camera or Roddy Frame (depending on what title is convenient to him at the time) are a band originating from East Kilbride

  • Eighties Music The best or the Worst?

    Eighties Music As a teenager growing up with eighties music, I found myself listening to all different styles of music. For me the eighties brought out proper musicians who wrote proper music. Yes this was the era of synthesiers, but it was also about talented individuals and groups, many of whom are still admired and